About UsExpert Shoe Repair Services for over 50 Years.

Shoe Repair Resole Center is the online division of Corrective Shoe Repair, one of the Washington DC area’s oldest and most trusted shoe repair shop. Our expert cobblers have worked on the shoes of people from all walks of life, from everyday workers to United States Presidents. The business was established in 1954 by my father Osvaldo Ramos who came into the United States in 1951 and was drafted by the U.S. Army into the Korean War. He served his country and remained in the Washington DC area.

In 1979 he employed me, his son Nelson, as an apprentice. Over time I became specialized in the skills and workmanship of the business.

In 1989 my father passed away leaving me to run the business. Thrown in the deep end, I vowed to maintain the good quality workmanship and dedication to running a successful business. From one generation to the next, we have updated our techniques and equipment to keep up with today’s fast moving technology.

Realizing that time is a big commodity in peoples lives today, I decided to incorporate Shoe Repair Online Service. It is hassle free, you can do it from home or work, fitting into your busy life without having to make an extra trip or going out of your way.

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